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carpet, upholstery & hard floor cleaning, and restoration in surrey

Use your local most reliable company to clean and restore carpets, upholstery, and hard floors to their best possible condition. Domestic and commercial quotes are free and available on request. New Carpet Cleaning Service in Leatherhead.


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Carpet Cleaning Services – Surrey

Patty Plus is a local company that provides professional carpet, upholstery, and hard floor cleaning services. We serve all types of Luxury Estates, Commercial properties, and many other locations in Dorking, Leatherhead, Oxshott, Guildford, Horsham, Crawley, Reigate, Redhill, and more…

Our family-run business located in heart of Surrey Hills is also a leader in regular business/office cleaning services with an amazing base of customers. We offer a full range of cleaning services. For more information contact us today or check our website using the menu above.

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    Super quick and professional service. After a few other carpet cleaners, they come and did finally what I’m was asking for. Not only carpet looks good but I have booked them for next year!

    Kathryn Tickell, Google - a year ago

    This is the second time that we have used Adam. Once for a general carpet clean as we have two young children and now for a moving home clean. Really happy with the service and would definitely recommend and use it again!

    JJ Lowes, Google - a month ago

    I really love the cleaning team that works at Patty Plus Services Limited. If you are looking for a cleaning company that is a step above and still competitively priced, then look no further. I have used Patty Plus for over 3 years now to …

    Thurstan, Google - 3 weeks ago


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    Making An

    Personal property, upholstery, or floor survey to provide the best quote for professional cleaning of any property, surface, or surface. Choose a service for you!



    Individual approach to every enquire. Finally, you will get cleaned what you really want it. We will prepare a task list for your regular cleaning or floor restoration.


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    After accepting our agreement, we are ready to work with you. From as little as a couple of minutes you can have your home cleaner booked or carpet professionally cleaned!

    Top 7 amazing services you must book

    Full range of cleaning services. We have a team to provide regular residential cleaning or commercial cleaning and from one of our highly specialized range of services, we have an offer of professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for both Domestic and Commercial customers.

    carpet cleaning services surrey

    Carpet Cleaning

    Professional Services

    Commercial Cleaning

    Office, Communal areas, Moving Out cleaning as well as much more at the best prices…

    Residential Cleaning

    We have solutions for Luxuries Villas, Regular Townhouses, and rural properties …

    Hard Floors

    Marble polishing, cleaning, and siling is only the first type of floor which we can help you with…

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Standard sofa or designer piece of art. No matter what is the value we can deliver the best results…

    Floor Restoration

    Travertine,  Marble, Limestone, Slate, Quartz, and Hand-made tiles – cleaning, polishing, and siling…

    Infection Control

    Accreditated and trained at Hospital-grade cleaning, fogging, and general disinfection and sanitization…


    In terms of the cost of carpet cleaning, we have to know a few important details about customer carpet. Is it a natural, synthetic, or modern eco Viscose type of carpet? What about the access, your carpet cleaner will charge you extra for parking tickets or difficult access. Based on that we face the last question – Who are we hiring? People without knowledge known as “cowboys” will charge way under market price compering to highly accredited professionals.

    The most popular pricing (per room) known among “cowboys” but also some “quick buckers” (sometimes big companies) will be about £30 to £55 per room. Staircase may be priced differently as well as dining or living room: Staircase from £40 to £80 and living room from £60 to £120. And don’t forget stains are priced separately. Someone who doesn’t price stains separately may not remove them and then start making excuses or can clean just the top of them leaving dangerous residue down below. The most relevant pricing in our opinion is based on the size, for example per square meter, simpler pricing more relevant estimate! We found out that local prices may vary from £3.5 to £7 per square meter of carpet or step. If you want to have a real estimate without surprises and excuses invite the carpet cleaner to your house, show him what is important for you and what can be difficult for them to remove based on your knowledge. We will always do our best to solve your carpet cleaning enquire.

    The average cost of carpet cleaning is £4.7 per square meter of carpet or between £35 to £60 per room, with most homeowners paying around £50 per room. For an average three-bedroom home, you can expect to pay £275 whereas larger whole-house cleans can cost between £400 to £700.

    The best method and also the safest method to deeply clean the carpet yourself is to open your browser on your closest device and fill out the search bar with “carpet cleaner near me”. This will save you hundreds if not thousands on new carpet. However, if you are not able to book your carpet cleaner or you are simply not able to find one in your close area then those few steps should safely help you out.

    1. Identify your type of carpet from between synthetic or natural’s Stay away from high pH cleaning products – over 7ph, if you have
    natural/wool kind of carpet and for sure don’t use bleach on wool, it will eat wool immediately.

    2. Identify the type of soil on your carpet. Most of the soil on the carpet is on the acidic side that is why you should be looking for a
    neutral (wool) or alkaline (higher than 7pH) cleaning solution.

    3. Our advice safe for all types of carpet is to use products called “Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning” which requires – as we suggest, a spray bottle and thorough agitation into the carpet with a white terry towel.

    After all, this product will dry out and you can easily hoover it all out.

    First of all, we have to see the difference between those two methods. The first method known to us as shampooing is one of the oldest methods used in our industry. Unfortunately, these days this method has been replaced by more efficient and better cleaning methods. On the other hand, we have hot rinse extraction popularly called steam carpet cleaning – because of the high extraction solution temperature. Definitely – In most cases, Hot Rinse Extraction is the best method for most household carpets but there are several carpets not suitable for this method. Please remember to check the cleaning method with your local carpet cleaning professional before any further steps.

    Using “home carpet cleaners” is like flying a jet on autopilot. You definitely can get somewhere but one wrong move and you can end up in an extremely unpleasant position. In a worst-case scenario, you will have to replace your carpet, underlay, and floorboards. On the other hand, hiring professional cleaners you are not only hiring machines but also years of his experience, not affordable for most of us equipment, unbeatable knowledge.