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Patty Plus: How it started

Most people think of cleaning as another chore that has to be done. It can be time-consuming and pretty dull, and no sooner than something is cleaned, you have another part of the home or office demanding attention. And as the old saying goes, “We dream of having a clean house — but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?” But at Patty Plus, we’re not like most people.

Photo of cleaning person in Patty Plus: How it started

We love cleaning; it’s in our DNA.

In 2014, Patricia (Patty) decided to invest more of her time, energy and money. And in that eureka moment, Patty Plus was born.

Homeowners, business owners, retailers and government agencies soon realised how good Patty was at cleaning. They loved how she treated their carpets and hard floors with respect and delicate attention. And they loved how she turned old, tired-looking upholstery like sofas and beds into something beautiful to look at and fresh to smell.

Selfie photo, When Patty became Patty Plus

When Patty became Patty Plus

As Patricia cleaned, word soon spread around Surrey and the Greater London area. She knew she needed extra help to cope with the increasing demand for her cleaning services. And that’s when Patty’s husband, Adam, joined the company, and it became Patty Plus.

The husband-and-wife team threw themselves into learning everything about the cleaning industry. They attended high-quality training courses, gained professional accreditations and invested in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products.

A decade of squeaky-clean homes and offices.

Fast-forward to today, and Patty and Adam have a team of cleaning specialists helping them carry out a wide range of services. They’ve carried out regular cleaning at commercial premises across London. And they’ve worked around busy families to keep their homes, floors, carpets, beds and upholstery looking their best. After all, “nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest”.

Cleaning comfy bed image of Upholstery Cleaning in Surrey and London

If it seems too good to be true….

At Patty Plus, we don’t try to compete on price. After all, you won’t want just anyone in your home or office. You’ll want a highly trained, fully insured, professionally qualified and accredited company. And you’ll want cleaning technicians with the correct cleaning products to use on various fabrics and finishes.

Someone who can colour-match your luxury carpet and restore your natural stone floor and knows instinctively – through a decade of experience and training – how to work safely with delicate but much-loved chairs, beds and everything in between. If you’re hoping for a £30 per room cleaning offer, then we’re probably not the company for you. But if you want a company that has Advance NCCA members and are an  IICRC Certified Firm, we’re excited to start your cleaning.

Why you’ll love Patty Plus

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