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How Much Should You Pay for Professional Carpet Cleaning2022-05-22T19:13:08+01:00

In this trade saying “Getting what you’re paying for” has real meaning. In many cases, the price reflects more than online feedback or the number of certifications. If you will choose a carpet cleaner like Patty Plus you may be sure there are no shortcuts or ways around anything.

Most prices for one area (bedroom) carpet cleaning in Surrey may vary from as little as £19.00 to a medium £55.00 going way over £130.00+. Almost every reputable company will give an estimate based on the size of the room and for easier understanding will give to you an estimate. Patty Plus however decided to provide a price per square meter of the area/step.

According to any carpet cleaning association and professionals,  deep carpet cleaning is taking always the same number of steps. If the price is lower will probably not involve some of the steps which will speed up cleaning and finally reduce the price. However, the final results may not be as good as those that include all the necessary steps. In some cases skipping those important steps may speed up carpet re-soiling, and may even completely strip the protective layer from your carpet (wool) leading to permanent damage.

How to Vet the Cleaning Service Before You Hire One2022-05-22T18:37:51+01:00

Choosing the right carpet cleaning business is very important not to only ask about them on social media but to see if they are accreditated to fulfill assigned tasks. Recommended place to do so is the National Carpet Cleaning Association which Patty Plus is a member of or IICRC which is an international equivalent.
Many clients like to visit Checkatrader or Google Maps (reviews) to view what others are saying about carpet cleaners.

The final decision is yours, make it wise to not pay twice or even more for fixing issues that may acquire after an unprofessional cleaning attendance.

Main Reasons Why Homeowners & Business Owners in Surrey Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner2022-05-22T18:10:31+01:00

The main reason which we are coming across is that Patty Plus Carpet Cleaning team is often recommended by friends, family members, or business partners. Another very important attitude is that Patty Plus Is really a local business – not a nationwide “corpo” that sub-contracts other trained (or not) carpet cleaners!

How often should I get my carpet cleaned?2022-05-08T17:16:53+01:00

Manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. However, the fact is there are many factors that can help sully your carpets faster such as the foot traffic, the number of people residing in the building, and whether you have pets around just to name a few. Generally, Patty Plus Services recommends that carpets should be cleaned consistently to avoid heavy soiling, as this will substantially lessen the lifespan of your carpet.

By acting now you can more likely avoid any disappointment in future. You can ask more or book our in person survey. Contact Patty Plus technician today.

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