How Often Should You Wash Your Carpet? A Complete Guide

Carpeted floors make our homes comfortable, but they get worn out. 

People ask, "How often should you wash your carpet?" 

This blog looks into carpet care details, giving easy tips for a clean and healthy living space. 

Let's make this simple for you.

The Crucial Role of Carpet Cleaning in a Healthy Home

Carpets catch dust mites, allergens, and tiny particles that can mess with the air in your home. 

Regularly cleaning your carpet doesn't just help it stay around for a long time; it also makes your home better for your family's health. 

Keeping your carpet clean doesn't just make it look good. It keeps it safe for the people you care about. 

When you handle these simple things, you make your living area tidier and add to the overall health of your home.

How Often Should You Wash Your Carpet?

Alright, let's break it down. 

How much you clean your carpet depends on things like how busy your home is, if you have pets or kids, and your daily routine. 

Generally, experts, like Hubert Miles from Patriot Home Inspections in South Carolina, say it's good to give your carpets a deep clean at least once every year. 

This helps get rid of dirt, stains, and stuff that can make you sneeze, keeping your carpet in good shape and your home healthier. 

Most carpet makers even say it's good to clean the surface every week to keep it fresh. 

If your home is super active with kids or pets, you might need to clean more often. 

Just think about these things and follow advice from experts to make your home comfortable, clean, and healthy.

What Happens if You Don't Wash Your Carpets?

If you don't clean your carpets often, they can gather dirt, dust, and things that make you sneeze. 

This can make the air inside your home not so good and might cause health problems. 

Ignoring carpet cleaning can also make the carpet threads break down, and your carpet won't last as long. 

It's important to clean your carpets regularly to keep them in good shape and make your home a healthier and cosier place.

Does Shampooing Carpet Make it Get Dirty Faster?

Shampooing Carpet

Using the wrong shampoo or cleaning the carpet the wrong way can leave stuff behind that pulls in more dirt. 

If you don't rinse the shampoo really well, it can act like a magnet for new dirt, making your carpet get dirty quicker. 

It's super important to do the cleaning right, especially making sure to rinse really well, so your carpet gets a good, deep clean without any leftover stuff.

Factors Influencing Cleaning Frequency

Foot Traffic

The more people walking in your home, the more dirt on your carpets. 

If many people move around, consider cleaning your carpets more—maybe every 6-12 months. 

This keeps things fresh, stops dirt from building up, and makes your carpets last. 

By changing how you clean based on how much your home is used, you make sure your carpets stay good, and your place stays clean and nice. 

If your house is busy, cleaning a bit more often keeps your carpets looking good.

Pets and Children

dog and children playing on the carpet

If you have pets or little ones, stuff can get messy. 

Furry friends and kids often bring in dirt and spills, so your carpet needs more care. 

It's good to clean more often, like every 6-9 months, to handle the extra mess. 

This keeps things looking tidy and makes sure your carpet stays nice. 

If you have playful pets or energetic kids, taking some extra time to clean your carpet a few times a year is a wise choice to keep your home clean and comfy.


If you get sniffles from allergies, cleaning your carpet more often can help. 

Try doing it every 6-12 months, or as your doctor says. 

Cleaning regularly makes your home healthier, especially if you're sensitive to allergens. 

For a sneeze-free and comfy home, cleaning the carpet a bit more often is a good idea.

Can you Overuse a Carpet Cleaner?

Using too much carpet cleaner, especially putting too many cleaning solutions or shampoo, can make a residue build up on the carpet. 

This residue can pull in dirt and make the carpet get dirty quicker. 

It's crucial to follow what the carpet cleaner's instructions say and use the right amount of cleaning solution to stop overusing it and make sure it cleans well.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you're thinking about keeping your carpets nice between when the pros clean, here are some easy and useful do-it-yourself tips:

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuum regularly to keep your carpet clean and stop dirt from going too deep. 

Try to vacuum once a week, especially in the busy parts of your home. 

Doing this not only gets rid of the dirt on top but also keeps your carpet looking good overall. 

Making this a regular thing helps make your home a comfy and clean place to be.

Immediate Stain Removal

When accidents happen, act quickly to remove stains. 

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the spill right away. 

Doing this stops the stain from setting in. It's a simple way to keep things clean and looking good in your home.

Use Natural Cleaning Solutions

Try making your own carpet cleaner using stuff like vinegar, baking soda, and a mild detergent. 

These natural options are good for the environment and work well on stains and smells. 

They're a cheaper and healthier choice compared to store-bought cleaners. 

Use simple ingredients from nature to keep your carpet clean and fresh without using strong chemicals.

Can I Put Zoflora in Carpet Cleaner?

It's not a good idea to pour Zoflora or anything that's not a carpet cleaner into the machine. 

Carpet cleaners are made to work with certain cleaning stuff. 

If you use things that aren't supposed to go in there, it might break the machine, cancel the warranty, or not clean well. 

Just do what the maker says, use the right cleaning stuff, and your machine will work well for a long time.

Why Does My Carpet Still Look Dirty After Cleaning?

A carpet might still look dirty after cleaning for a few reasons. 

If it's not rinsed enough, if the wrong cleaning stuff is used, or if it doesn't dry properly, there can be leftover stuff on it. 

Especially if the carpet was very dirty, one cleaning might not get rid of all the stains. 

To make sure it looks its best, it's important to clean it the right way, use the right things, and let it dry well. 

If the problems keep going, it might be a good idea to get professionals to clean the carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

While doing it yourself is important, getting your carpets professionally cleaned every so often is necessary to keep them really clean and make them last longer. 

Pros have the know-how and tools to give your carpets a deep clean, getting rid of deep-down dirt and things that can make you sneeze.

Choosing the Right Professional Cleaner

professional cleaner

When selecting a professional carpet cleaner, keep the following in mind:


When looking for a good cleaner, choose ones with a solid reputation and lots of experience, like Patty Plus, which has been doing this for over 10 years. 

Check out many 5-star reviews online and ask friends or family who used Patty Plus's services for their thoughts. 

Having a decade of experience and lots of happy reviews shows they're dedicated to making customers happy and doing a good job. 

If you think about Patty Plus's history, you can decide with confidence and know they'll do a great job cleaning for you.


Verify that the cleaning company, such as Patty Plus, holds relevant certifications like being an Advance NCCA member and an IICRC Certified Firm. 

These credentials showcase their commitment to maintaining industry standards and staying updated with advanced cleaning techniques. 

Choosing a company with such certifications, like Patty Plus, ensures that you're entrusting your cleaning needs to professionals with recognised expertise and a dedication to high-quality service. 

Always prioritise certified companies to guarantee a thorough and reliable cleaning experience.


Think about choosing quality over price when you're dealing with carpet cleaning costs. 

Even though paying for a complete cleaning service might seem like a lot at first, focus on the good things it does for a long time. 

Companies like Patty Plus offer quality carpet cleaning that gets rid of dirt and allergens, making your carpets healthier and last longer. 

The benefits you get from a really good and professional cleaning make spending the money upfront worthwhile.

Creating a Healthier Home Environment for You

Thinking about how often to clean your carpet is pretty important in keeping your place clean and cosy.

Doing simple things regularly, like using a vacuum and taking care of spills quickly, helps keep your carpet nice. 

But, for a really good, deep clean, getting professionals to do it once a year is a smart move.

Having a clean carpet isn't just about how it looks. 

It also makes your home healthier and more comfortable for you and your family. 

When you're deciding how often to clean your carpet, think about what your home needs, and make a cleaning plan that fits your life.

Patty Plus gets that it's not just about cleaning but about doing it right. 

We're not in a race to be the cheapest. 

We're about having skilled and insured experts who know what they're doing in your home. 

Patty Plus has been around for over ten years, and we're recognised for being top-notch by the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

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Our expertise extends to colour-matching for your luxurious carpets and ensuring the gentle cleaning of delicate furniture. 

We prioritise quality over mere affordability. 

If you're seeking top-notch service and not just a budget deal, Patty Plus is your trusted partner for comprehensive and meticulous cleaning solutions.

We’ll make sure your home stays clean, healthy, and welcoming. Your carpets will be grateful, and so will we, for trusting us with your home.

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