This carpet cleaning project in Dorking was special!

carpet cleaningAs the day began we have arrived at our customer property at 9:00 am in Dorking. This time like every other, we knock on the door and we welcome our new customer. A short chat and thorough inspection of required to clean the carpeted area before we can start is always crucial. Recognition of the soiling type and level, as well as the type of carpet, is helping us to choose the best cleaning method from few available carpet cleaning methods which we can deliver to all residential and commercial customers.  On this day in Dorking – our neighborhood, we felt special. Not every day we can see such an outstanding piece of history. Dorking is for this reason very special to us.

One of the main types of carpet which we are coming across to clean or restore in Dorking and surrounding areas is in about 80% wool (natural) natural type of the carpet. In some cases is common in a mixture of 80 to 20, wool to polyester.