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Cleaning Prices

Every home, office and building is a different size and shape. You might have a 100% wool designer carpet that needs a deep cleaning or several rooms of natural stone floors that need restoration. Sometimes it can be tricky to give a price without all the information.

But we do our best to provide as accurate a quote as possible based on the information you provide. So, we’ve made pricing each job a breeze with our handy Wall-to-Wall pricing system.

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Wall-to-Wall Pricing

We know how important it is for our customers like you to have an accurate quote. After all, nobody likes a nasty bill that includes things they weren’t aware of. That’s why we’ve developed our Wall-to-Wall pricing system. It’s accurate and reliable and means that when we give you a price, that’s what you can expect to pay. No nasty surprises, no stealth charges, and no unexpected add-ons.

It’s a simple system; our cleaning specialists use measurement devices and carry out a little inspection before we begin transforming your carpets. Once we’re armed with the information, we’ll provide an honest quote to complete the job to the highest standards.

Pay us any way you like

The only payment we can’t accept is hugs; we’re getting too many from happy customers. Our payment terms are handy; you can pay by cash, card, BACs and more.

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Minimum and Booking Charges

Call out and minimum charge is just £120.00 inc. VAT
The fee collected at the time of booking is £30.00 inc.VAT*

*T&Cs Apply

Commercial and Domestic Price Guide

Carpet Extraction/Steam Cleaning

Up to two areas
Three areas
Four areas
Five areas
Six areas
Seven areas
Eight areas (Special offer)
Nine areas (Special offer)

Recliner / Fitted Cushions Sofa Steam Cleaning

210cm Long
140cm Long
Love Seat
Corner Sofa Per 70cm of seating area
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
POA or WhatsApp Patty Plus for a quote.

Loose Cushions Sofa Cleaning

210cm Long
140cm Long
Love Seat
Corner Sofa Per 70cm of seating area
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
POA or WhatsApp Patty Plus for a quote.

Advanced stain treatment

Deep carpet treatment inc. water clave extraction
(price reduced if more than 30 stains, stain or group of stains in a square not bigger than 50x50cm)
Bio-hazard stains treatment 
(Any type of body fluids either pets or humans. Also includes flooded areas for longer than 24hrs. Price starts from:)

* Important

Please note that all prices above are exclusive of 20% VAT.
There is a £120 minimum order value.
Unless otherwise agreed, payments can be made in cash or by card at completion time.
Prices are based on standard property sizes and are subject to confirmation upon arrival.
At any moment, Patty Plus has the right to update or adjust this pricing.
All quotations and estimates provided over the phone, chat, email or in-person overwrite any of the above prices, which are a general guideline only.


As the old saying goes, “Buy cheap, buy twice”. If you’re offered a cheap clean, chances are it won’t be done to the highest standards. At Patty Plus, we don’t try to compete on price, but we absolutely compete on the quality of our cleaning.

The price will depend on many factors, such as the size of the area that needs to be cleaned, how many areas, types of furniture, fabrics, finishes and many other variables. Typically, in Surrey and the London area, you’ll find cleaning prices vary wildly. Sometimes, it could be from as little as £19 for one area’s carpet cleaning (like a bedroom), a medium room costing £55 right through to over £130 and more.

Prices will reflect the quality of the company, the cleaners, the equipment they use and the types of cleaning products. It will ultimately be a “you get what you pay for”. Patty Plus do things a little differently; we price each cleaning per square meter of the area/step.

People choose to hire a home cleaner or commercial cleaning company for various reasons.

Usually, time commitments are high on our customer’s list of reasons. They want a beautifully cleaned, fresh-smelling home or commercial premises, but they don’t have the time.

Another popular reason people choose a professional cleaning company like Patty Plus is that they’ve tried DIY solutions to clean pet urine stains, dirt, and damage and eliminate bad smells, but none have worked.

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