The above/below picture is showing you a dog accident on the left and a velvet carpet cleaned on the right. Nice job you can say as looks clean… right?
This time we did this job and we had to use a number of cleaning solutions – apparently, only two of them to clean the mess. However, behind the scene is a long process to clean of what you CAN’T actually see, something what some of us even “don’t mind”. When the whole cleaning process is finished I’m somewhere in the middle of my work related to this situation. Disinfection and Sanitisation of all our equipment are crucial to guarantee the next customer and me, safe and healthy work.
You see, sometimes the difference between professional and unprofessional is not what you can see or how many people will recommend them to us, but what you can’t see and what no one will ever tell you about.

So how you can’t find a professional in the job you are looking to get done? In terms of Carpet & Upholstery cleaning – Patty Plus is one of the best local choices. In any different situation, I will always encourage to find out what accreditations are needed to provide each service. Is time-consuming but always pays back!

All the best in making your choices!
Adam – Patty Plus Team

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