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We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, quality, and meticulous attention to detail.

What are the advantages of using our commercial cleaning service?

We customize cleaning contracts to meet your company’s unique needs, as well as provide continuous support and adaptation to ensure that you comply with any safe working practices you may need to apply during this ever-changing Coronavirus outbreak.

Our commercial cleaning service team is properly trained to satisfy the regulatory standards of each type of customer and is equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to guarantee that everyone works safely.

We specialize in office cleaning and commercial cleaning in Surrey and the surrounding areas, with services ranging from high-rise buildings to tiny office blocks and customizable contracts to suit all budgets.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Describe your carpet or any soft furnishing cleaning needs. We are knowledgeable and able to advise you over the phone and quote almost any job based on our survey. Use our form to receive immediate help!

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    Tiles Cleaning & Restoration

    We specialize in all your residential and commercial Tile and Grout cleaning needs

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    Carpet Cleaning

    We specialize in all your residential and commercial Carpet Cleaning tasks as well as regular maintenance.

    Residential Cleaning

    The best regular residential cleaning service provider for all customers in Surrey and local areas.

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    Commercial Carpets
    Clean & Dry

    With our Van Mounted (TM) powerful machine as well as a portable upholstery cleaning version and a few other available methods of upholstery cleaning (like dry cleaning), we can achieve the shortest drying time in our industry. From ZERO to around four hours in favourable conditions. All of that is available regardless of the access to your property. Deep upholstery cleaning is provided in all rural areas as well as busy town centres. So if your home, business upholstered sofas, chairs or any other soft furniture requires deep and quick clean with the shortest available drying time, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    Why Us?

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

    Because of the many advantages of carpet flooring in commercial areas and offices, this type of floor is the most popular floor finish in almost every British office. This is a big investment and well worth looking after. Not just to save its fresh look but also to keep all those advantages, like; noise reduction, well-working air filter, comfort, and safety – the office and any commercial carpet need to be cleaned on regular basis.

    Our commercial carpet regular cleaning offer

    • Regular vacuuming with industrial-grade vacuum cleaner

    • Regular maintenance cleaning every 3 or 6 months to eliminate the risk of airborne particles which are the reason for many sicknesses among employees.

    • Deep carpet cleaning removes any remaining soil and stains. Deep cleaning of any commercial carpet also brings a fresh and new look to your well-used carpeted floor and is recommended after 2 to 3 maintenance cleans or as an annual one-off carpet cleaning solution.

    The commercial floor and carpet cleaning industry is an easy and widely available market to get any trader to provide what you can think is a good service. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those traders really know what they do and how to take professional care of your commercial floors and carpets. In this industry price is a good indicator of what kind of professional you are getting. From underpriced low-educated “professionals” to traders who will visit you, test the fibers and explain the whole process to you. Apparently, the first one is always more expensive as the damage caused by overwet carpet and underlay may cost you more than just new carpet – in many cases, they have no insurance or wrong insurance which is hard to find out for our clients. We will always recommend checking all available accreditation which at Patty Plus are a standard and most important value in our company.

    patty plus two carpet cleaning machines surrey
    patty plus two carpet cleaning machines surrey

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