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Tile & Stone Cleaning and Restoration – Patty Plus is a family-owned and runs company dedicated to superior craftsmanship and providing prompt courteous service! Where all work is done by the company’s owner, who is a highly experienced professional!

Since 2014, we’ve been providing homeowners and property managers in Surrey, South London, Dorking and Leatherhead, Horsham, and Reigate with specialized cleaning, restoration, repair, refinishing, honing, polishing, and protection services as well as easy-to-use care products for all interior, tile, grout, Amtico, Karndean, and natural stone surfaces. Both residential and business clients can benefit from our flooring, countertop, commercial floors, and residential floors services.

We versus Others

  1. Yes, because above all, we ACTUALLY care. We take pride in ensuring that our customers are perfectly satisfied. We are a small, family-owned, and run business comprised of diligent, professional craftsmen who specialize in creating incredible outcomes while taking great care not to damage the environment or dust out your home during our processes. All work is done by the company’s owner, who is a true professional!
  2. Yes, because we have a high level of skill and experience that is unrivaled. Restoration and repair of stone, tile, and grout is an art form. There are no words to describe the value of taken training, accreditations, and experience.
  3. Yes, because we are fully bonded and insured for the protection of our customers.
  4. Yes, and that is why:

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    Cleaning & Restoration
    Ceramic Tiles

    The majority of tiles are divided into two categories: ceramic and stone. Within the ceramic classification, there are two groups. Porcelain and non-porcelain tiles are classified into two sub-groups in this category. Porcelain tiles are less absorbent than ceramic tiles, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

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    Cleaning & Restoration
    Natural Stone Tiles

    Natural stone tiles are created by combining various geological elements and observing how they react to various environmental conditions and chemical processes within the ground. The most popular natural stone supplies for tile are slate, marble, limestone, and granite. Travertine is a kind of marble that is made from limestone.

    Natural stone floor tiles, without a doubt, exude a sense of richness and elegance. They’ll instantly boost your present setting and impress everybody who sees it thanks to their exquisite design and textures.

    Natural stone floor tiles, unlike synthetic alternatives, are all one-of-a-kind.

    They’ll offer a sense of prestige to your floor, from their veining to their natural coloration, making it really unique.

    Natural stone floor tiles do not accumulate pet hair or dust due to their smooth surface, which is wonderful news for anyone with allergies and makes cleaning them a breeze.

    Forget about special products and cleaning for a while! Most of the time, a fast wipe will work.

    Benefits of choosing our cleaning and restoration process

    • Remove dirt

    • Remove stains

    • Remove scratches

    • Restore the shine or upgrade it

    • Reseal the surface

    • Fix the damages

    patty plus two stone tiles cleaning in action surrey
    patty plus two stone cleaning in action surrey
    patty plus two tile cleaning and restoration surrey
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    Tile Grout

    Grout comes in a variety of varieties, each of which serves a distinct purpose. Grout is an essential component of any tile job. Grout is available in two types: cement-based and epoxy-based. Cement and water are used to make cement-based grouts. It may also contain sand. Grouts made of cement absorb more water. Epoxy grout is made up of epoxy resins combined with a hardener. It’s stain and mildew-resistant, non-absorbent, and easy to clean.

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