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Tile Cleaning and Tile Restoration specialists in Surrey

Tiled floors can be an eye-catching feature in any home or commercial building. And tiled floors come in many shapes, sizes and finishes. There are high-end marble tiled floors and stunning limestone and sandstone tiled floors.

But, of course, your tiles can suffer from stubborn stains, grout and general wear and tear damage over time.

Sparkling tiles in just three hours.

Give us three hours, and we’ll have those tiles so clean you’ll see your reflection on them. Patty Plus cleans and restores all natural tiles.

Our team of professional tile cleaners will eliminate all dirt, grout, nasty germs and any persistent odours. We’ll increase the lifespan of your tiled floor and have it back to its sparkling best in record time.

Have done my carpets cleaned on my end of tendency. Perfect service and good quality equipment. Highly recommended!
Justine James
Justine James
Excellent knowledge and service. Highly recommend Adam and Patty Plus Service
Sarah Clarke
Sarah Clarke
I am so glad I chose Patty Plus for our carpet cleaning. I had looked at the costs of cleaning the carpets ourselves, but decided to book in with Adam from Patty Plus and I am so pleased I did. Adam has fantastic knowledge of the products and processes needed to get our old carpets looking like new. I would never have been able to achieve the same results. What's more, it actually worked out way more cost effective than doing it myself. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.
Eve Sutch
Eve Sutch
We can't fault the service we received from Adam. Our initial contact with his company was by an email to request our carpets to be cleaned. We got an immediate response with an estimate. He was able to give us a date for the work within a week. He arrived promptly, was pleasant and gave us some advice about cleaning stains. His work was excellent and we are extremely pleased with the way our carpets look. We can highly recommend him.
Ingrid Andree Wiltens
Ingrid Andree Wiltens
Great service, very happy
Charlotte Jarman
Charlotte Jarman
Excellent service - thank you Adam
Great professional service and a very friendly guy to work with. The service transformed my flat and I would reccomend to others!
Mollie Macve
Mollie Macve
Friendly, professional and very efficient. We had wool carpets cleaned, our mattress and a very tired looking sofa that had been commandeered by our dogs - it is as good as new. Wonderful local company that we will absolutely be using again. Thank you! :)
Michelle Beatty
Michelle Beatty
Great service, reliable and excellent detailed cleaning knowledge.
Hard floor image of Cleaning in Surrey and surrounding areas

Hard Floor Cleaning in Surrey and surrounding areas

Hard floors can last a lifetime if you look after them. Over months and years of heavy daily use, they’ll show the usual signs of wear and tear, staining, discolouring, dirt, and odours and look a little tired. Yours might be a Travertine floor that’s seen better days or an eye-catching Slate floor hidden under stubborn stains.

Or your hard floor might be a Limestone one that has suffered some damage or a marble floor covered in grout. Whether it’s Ceramic, Porcelain or something else entirely, the team of cleaning specialists at Patty Plus will bring it back to its best in no time.

Patty Plus benefits: Tile cleaning in Surrey

  • In just three hours, we’ll clean, dry, polish and transform your tiles.
  • Increases the lifespan of your tiles, which means you don’t have to spend more money replacing them.
  • Eliminates stubborn stains.
  • Gets rid of foul odours.
  • Removes grout and dirt.
  • Professional grinding of your tiled floors using high gradations of diamonds, leaving your floor looking brand-new.
  • Everything we use is human and pet-friendly.
  • A thorough polishing will create a beautiful, shiny floor like when you first got it.
  • Our high-quality coating protects your tiled floors for years and makes maintenance a walk in the park.
  • Say goodbye to nasty bugs, bacteria and anything else lurking.
  • Eliminates pet hair, pet urine and other nasties that sit on top of your tiled floor.
  • Gives damaged and tired-looking tiles a new lease of life.
  • Optional extra: High-end stain protection and deodoriser available after every tile clean or restoration.
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